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If the form isn't working, or you fancy a more complicated method of contacting me, you've come to the right page

To contact me by email, first create an email with the following email address and subject.

Email Address: Click here to get the email address
(As of 1st August 2008 this email address has changed. Emails sent to the old address may not be received)

Subject (Select):

Next, copy the whole of the below into the body of the email (select it), replacing the text within the squared brackets [] (if any) with, well, what it says to replace it with. You must do this, or your email will be ignored

For example:

Your Name: [Danny]

Country: [England]

Message Subject: [Your website]

Your message: [Wow your website is good - It's the best website ever in fact - keep it up!]

How you found my website: [A friend told me]

Publish on website: [Yes]

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